4-H is a nationwide organization. Children ages to 8-21 are able to join. 4-H offers many opportunities for children to learn new skills, such as archery, shotgun, rifle, robotics, cats, dogs, etc.

Here in Thermopolis, there are four 4-H clubs; the Mustangs, the Cowpokes, the Outlaws, and the Wranglers. The members of the clubs help with community services. For example, the Mustangs built a local  dog park near the bridge by the Days Inn. All the clubs also give the fire department and the police department gifts for their service.

4-H Logo

Local  4-H members Jason Clouse and Spencer Axtell recently had the opportunity to go to a State Shooting Competition. Jason Clouse took 2nd in his division for archery. He shoots Longbow and Recurve. Jason shot a 132 out of 150. Spencer took 7th in Archery with a 147 out of 150. He was shooting Compound Bow. Two years ago, 4-H allowed Jason Clouse to take a trip to Washington D.C for a speech conference. All expenses were paid for by 4-H.

Members of 4-H can also learn how to raise, show, and sell animals. Steers make an average of $3,000, pigs make an average of $1,500, and  sheep make an average of $750.

4-H also has their own pledge and flag. The pledge is “As a true 4-H member, I pledge… My head to clearer thinking, My heart to greater loyalty, My hands to larger service, My health to better living for my club, my community, my country and my world.” The emblem is a 4 leaf clover with H in each leaf. 4-H teaches students responsibility, leadership, integrity, and leaves members with lifelong skills.