One of the many talented artists at Hot Springs County High School is Chauncey Morris. Chauncey is a Junior and has been doing art seriously since “about 6th or 7th grade” when “the art classes in school began to have more difficult projects”.

“I have always drawn, ever since I could hold a pencil. It is an essential part of my life” Morris said. Morris most commonly works with a regular pencil, but her favorite traditional medium is watercolors. Although She favors some over others, and she tries to use all mediums “for the different experience each one provides.” Her favorite subject to draw is people because “They are easier and more interesting to draw”.

Photo by Hannah HuWhen asked what inspires her she said, “Anything and everything that I have contact with can have the potential of becoming inspiration for some art project. I try to keep an open mind about everything because I feel lost when I don’t have at least one project to work on.” One of Morris’ biggest inspirations is K-pop (Korean Pop music). “I discovered K-pop about two and a half years ago by accidentally running into a dance practice video on YouTube, and it has had a HUGE influence on my art. Because K-pop idols are extremely pretty, it’s easy to draw them in an idealized way…Their styles and music inspire me and encourage me in my art.”

Regarding her most recent projects she said, “My most recent is a four-piece stippling project…I developed a style for stippling last year, where instead of leaving most of the board white, I make the background black. This works really well for stippling faces, because then their face can have minimal amounts of detail that would potentially ruin the picture. Having a dark background and light focus also draws people’s attention to the subject rather than the entire board.”