Challenge day is a day to reinforce positive feelings in Hot Springs County School District. The Challenge day at the high school this year was focused on the girls. Challenge day was emotional and fun at the same time according to some of the girls involved in it.

Photo By: MTV’s Brad Barket

They participated in many activities such as cross the line, volleyball, and home groups. The cross the line activity consisted of two lines on a floor and they were given scenarios like if they’ve had a family member who has passed away, then they would cross over the line. This activity brought the girls and teachers closer together.

They played volleyball while sitting on the floor surrounded by chairs for boundaries. Every time the ball went out of bounds, the two teams had to scream as loud as they could to get the ball back.

Their home groups were groups of 4 or 5 people and they sat in a circle and talked about their personal feelings. They did everything together. They ate lunch,  played games, and had bonding time. Towards the end of Challenge Day, they handed out thank you cards for students to write to anyone they wanted. They could be in the room or somewhere else, and if they wanted to, they could read them out loud and call that person up to the front. After that, they had a little time to give the cards to the people in the room if they didn’t read them out loud, and were given a chance to hug everybody. This day helped these people open their eyes and realize that nobody is perfect and that you’re not alone if you have trouble talking to someone. There are people who go through some of the same things you do and that they’re here if you need them.