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Fishing Tournament

Photo By: Jeb BarnesIn order to give Hot Springs County High School students more activities to be involved in outside of school, Health Teacher, CJ Scholl and Physical Education Teacher, Matthew McPhie are hosting a fishing tournament. The tournament is on  April 14, 2017, and is open to all high school students at HSCHS. You can have up to two students per team. Sign-ups are open until April 14th and the fee is $10.00 per team. The Tournament will begin at 1 pm on the 24th and will end at 6 pm that day. The tournament will be held at the Wedding of the Waters, near the Wind River Canyon. The High School can provide a fishing pole for you if you don’t have one. Fishing licenses can be obtained from Blair’s Supermarket, White Horse Feed, and Thermopolis Hardware. A one-day fishing license is $6.00. You’ll need a fishing license before the tournament.


  1. John Schwalbe

    March 1, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Will this be catch and release? I think it’s a great opportunity for our youth to use the resources in our area and enjoy Gods creation. I am just concerned of the negative impact it could potentially cause. I believe this could also be a good opportunity to educate our youth when it comes to ethics with fishing. I’m unsure of the details of this event so that may already be planned. Thanks for your consideration. John Schwalbe

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