Thermopolis High School is rich with traditions so it should be expected no less from the Football team to have a few of their own.

Photo By: Matt McPhieThe first tradition and the most visible is the Leroy Hayes sticker on the back of the helmets. This is done to honor the Coach who changed the game. The loudest of the game day traditions is the “Day by Day” chant. This chant is done before every game to remind players that this was the day they had trained for so they should give it their all. It also reminds players to be courteous and have good sportsmanship even if the other team wins. The quieter of the two game day traditions is the lord’s prayer this serves to humble players before the game as well as provide a quiet before the storm moment.

Pre-game is a day reserved for team run through of plays and final touch ups for the coaches but that doesn’t mean the football team can’t through in it’s own special twist to it. This tradition goes by the name “Skin it to win it.” As you can imagine this tradition is simple to improve our luck some of the team must go shirtless under their pads(The jersey stay on the pads). This tradition has been going strong well over six years. The last tradition is an up and coming one thats origin started two years prior when a freshman would bring cargo shorts to every practice until he got basketball shorts. This last traditions is called “Cargo if you care.” Simply instead of basketball shorts you wear cargo shorts.

“I like the Idea of cargo if you care because of its unique beginning” Said Michael Harvey having mentored that freshman through his football career.