Hunter safety is a class for people who want to get their license to go hunting. In Wyoming, minors need to take a hunter safety class in order to hunt. Jim Lash, the Instructor of Hunter Safety said, “students must attend all the sessions or they will not be allowed to take the test to qualify for their Hunter Safety certification.” Along with attending sessions twice a week, they must read a book about hunter safety before taking the test.

Xander Getzfried is one student interested in taking the Hunter Safety class. He said, “I want to take the class so I can kill my own animals.” Many of our students are taking the class because hunting is a part of Wyoming culture and also a big part of how many people provide food for their families.

Photo By: Spencer Luce

Xander Getzfreid

The maximum cost for the classes is $10.00 and the class takes between 12 – 18 hours to finish. If you would like to take the class you can contact Jim Lash at or the class can be taken online. The course materials are the same for both classes. If you would like to take the class online you can go to Bow hunting classes can also be found on the aforementioned website.