Hunting is one of the most popular activities among Wyoming residents. Hunting offers people an opportunity to kill their own meals, which can be exhilarating.
Some people think that hunting should be considered a sport. Jeffery Clark, Freshman, said, “Nothing gets your heart pumping like shooting a bird out of the sky, especially a sky buster, just the feeling of seeing it fall and knowing that you shot that is awesome”.

Photo By: Jeb Barnes

Dusty Barnes Posing with his antelope

Many people have given their opinions and agree. Some argue that killing for sport is inhumane but Freshman, Hunter Bartholomew,  said ”I don’t kill and leave it, I kill it and eat it”. Which in his eyes, he’s just getting food for his family.

 Freshman, Hunter Mounts got his elk and he said “It was a nice 6 by 6 and he was pretty wide, though i’ve seen bigger, I am still proud of the kill.”

Antelope season for area 120 ended November 7th. Many of the students at Hot Springs County High School love to hunt, and are preparing for the next season to open.