All subject to change

Wednesday the 1st – Potato Soup, Biscuits, Green Beans, Oranges, Lettuce, Ranch, Milk Soup/Salad

Thursday the 2nd – Taco Salad, Tortilla Chips, Cheese, Salsa, Sour Cream, Corn, Lettuce, Cantaloupe, Milk, Pizza

Monday the 6th – Mandarin Chicken, Rice, Salad, Pineapple, Fortune Cookie, Side Salad/Soup

Tuesday the 7th – Spaghetti, Green Beans, Garlic Bread, Lettuce, Ranch, Peaches, Applesauce, Milk, Chef Salad

Wednesday the 8th – Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup, Carrots, Celery, Apples/Caramel, Chef Salad

Thursday the 9th – Pizza, Salad, Peppers, Chocolate Cake, Grapes, Cantaloupe, Milk, Chef Salad, Chicken Strips

Monday the 13th – Chicken Alfredo, Bread Stick, Salad, Green Beans, Winter Squash, Honeydew, Scooby Doo Cracker, Milk, Chef Salad

Tuesday the 14th – Cheesy Beefy Nachos, Tortilla Chips, Salad, Ranch, Peppers, Oranges, Apples, Churros, Milk, Chef Salad

Wednesday the 15th – Corn Dog, Salad, Pork & Beans, Celery Sticks, Carrot Sticks, Cookie, Fruit Cocktail, Milk, Chef Salad, Chicken Nuggets

Thursday the 16th – Cheeseburger Soup, Roll, Salad, Ranch, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Grapes, Milk, Chef Salad

Monday the 20th – Pork Roast, Mashed Potato/Gravy, Roll, Green Beans, Lettuce, Tangerines, Milk, Hamburger, Chef Salad

Tuesday the 21st – Enchilada, Salad, Ranch, Peppers, Turnover, Peaches, Milk, Chef Salad

Wednesday the 22nd – Tater Tot Casserole, Broccoli, Salad, Roll, Apples, Milk, Chicken Sandwich, Chef Salad

Thursday the 23rd – Chicken Sandwich, Salad, Chips, Carrots, Celery, Pears, Milk, Chef Salad, Tater Tot Casserole

Monday the 27th – Hot Ham & Cheese, Chips, Salad, Ranch, Cottage Cheese, Tomato, Milk, Chicken Sandwich, Chef Salad

Tuesday the 28th – Burritos, Rice, Milk, Chef Salad

Wednesday the 29th – Lasagna, Roll, Butter, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Oranges, Milk, Chef Salad, Chicken Nuggets

Thursday the 30th – Cheeseburger, French Fries, Pork & Beans, Salad, Ranch, Pineapple, Milk, Chef Salad