As is customary, the Junior class was responsible for planning Prom. After much discussion, the Junior class prom committee decided that this regal event will be a secret soiree and only recently announced where it would be held, the stage of the auditorium. This announcement was met with mixed feelings from the students. Junior Clemens Abbot said, “I think it’s different and it definitely could be fun if we do it right.” Clemens was one of the students with high hopes for the dance.

Chris Slagle and Clayton McKie

Not all students were enthusiastic about the outlandish location. Junior Jared Little said, “Based on what I’ve heard the location is less than desirable but I feel the prom committee is doing their best to create a fun and memorable prom.” With these two conflicting opinions in mind, the Prom committee has continued its hard work to make this a prom to remember. They went above and beyond for everyone even making sure to listen to every worry and complaint.

Stormy Cox and Tyler Kay

During the dance, prizes were handed out to participants who stayed for the entire dance. The prizes included items from Swedish fish all the way up to a mini refrigerator. Caleb Decroo and Kaili Johansen were elected as Prom King and Queen.