russian performers

Photo By: Josiah Moon

A transoceanic group of performers came to our school on Friday, January 13th all the way from Russia and Georgia. They danced and sang songs to the entire school district.

Their group leader explained everything they performed and talked about their lineage. There were four dancers from Georgia, a country that has been part of Russia for many years. Georgia has been their own country as well as conjoined with Russia. There were 8 other dancers that were from Russia they conjoined the two groups for a big finale performance. There were three instrument players. They played the Accordion, Balalaika, and a much larger Balalaika much like a contra-bass.

The performers even had the audience get involved. Students Freshman, Taydee Landrum, Dani Jo pebbles, Chase Snooks, and Hunter Bartholomew, and Sophomores, Aaron Hanson and Garrett Severns. These students were brought up on stage to participate in two dances. The dances consisted of a partner dance, and a group dance while in a circle. They brought many different students up at a time to help play their many different instruments. The students who played these instruments were Juniors, Christopher Slagle, Clemens Abbott, and Faith Jensen, Sophomore, Jasmine Garcia, and Freshman, Chase Snooks. Everybody clapped and danced in their seats as the performance went on. They even had students follow them in a chair dance, almost like Simon Says. Students that were involved said that they enjoyed dancing with them and felt that it was something they never thought they would do. Their performance was amazing and the school district is glad they were able to join us for a day and perform for us.