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Shortening School Hours (Student Opinion)

The buzz around the state is focused on school budget cuts. Shortening school hours would be one possible solution.

One reason to shorten school hours is because  students spend more time in school than they do with their families. The average school day is seven to eight hours a day. If the school board were to cut school short, then students can also spend time with their families. With the schedule being like it is, students don’t get to see their families as often as they would like. Students usually go to school at 8:00 A.M. and get out at 4:00 P.M.  When most students get out of school, they either have sports, a job, or another activity such as Speech & Debate or Drama to attend. Practices usually get out at about 6:30 PM, and jobs can be later. Most students also have homework to do after their activities and jobs. This uses up most of the students time, and they have very little time left to see their families.

In addition, there are many benefits from shorter school hours such as financial savings. Some savings would include heating and air conditioning, which would be added to the school’s savings. While searching to find out about how much the school would save money if we would cut school 1.5 hours short would result in  “6 percent to 20 percent of the overall budget, depending on the building and staffing.”( Also, having shortened school hours would help out with students who have a job, or sports to go to. These students would have more time after school to spend with their families. Having a shorter school day could create a more positive environment for students and reduce stress levels.

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  1. It sounds good!

    Education is so mandatory but not taken serious by those doing the cuts!

    I do pity the kids that school life is their life/family!

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