On March 23rd, the Spanish students of Thermopolis High school set out with one goal in mind, to explore the foreign world of Peru and experience a culture that they had only seen in the photographs from the many travelers that have gone through the country.

Photo By: Curtis Hamer

Peruvian Llama

On the trip, they discovered many wonders, each student had their own favorite part. “I enjoyed being immersed in another culture with new people”Junior Kylar Laboy said. He was not alone in being awed by the fresh perspective of culture. Junior Chris Slagle said, “I enjoyed the beautiful landscapes and the ancient Incan ruins.” These are just two of the many things the Students of Thermopolis high school experienced while in another country. In the city they saw many things different as well as similar to their own country.

Photo By: Curtis Hamer

Ruins of Machu Picchu

One thing they found odd was when a boy boarded their transport and promptly started to sing to earn money. Junior Hannah Hurley said, “we had to force him off the bus so we could continue our trip.” Many students laughed about this afterward and will probably continue thinking about this boy many years to come. The students also learned the risks of going to a foreign place, as a few of them became sick or contracted parasitic organisms such as cellulitis. Even so, every student returned with at least one fond memory of the distant country that is known as Peru.