On Tuesday March 21, during the monthly board meeting, the topic of school budget cuts was discussed, and which staff members would be affected by it. Madam Chairman Weyer talked about the effect of the budget cuts on our school district, and recommended that people contact their legislators.

Many members of the community were present at the meeting, including HSCHS students Sascha Mobbs and Trevor Stimpson and former HSCHS staff member Jim Cramer. They voiced their opinions on the CTE programs, but Chairman Weyer informed them that the meeting was to discuss contracts and not the programs, and that programs would be discussed at the April meeting.

A list was read of staff members who had their contracts renewed, including Brenna Abel, Emma Christopherson, Nichole Ciz, Stephanie Czarobski, Donna Daniels, Brandon Deromedi, Catelyn Deromedi, Jennifer Emery, Toby Emery, Jackie Frankson, Ronda Freel, Todd Helms, Emmy Hergert, Cassie Hetzel, Shannon Hill, Heidi Hunt, London Jenks, Aimee Kay, Eric Kay, Becky Martinez, Mary McGillivray, Alex McLean, Staci Morrison, Thomas Olsen, Dawn Peterson, Parke Price, Amy Ready, Kristin Ryan, Jacob Smith,Cory Sova, Jacob Strenger, Dan Syljuberget, Britton VanHeule, Bethany Webber, and Jennifer Webber. Staff members with initial contracts include Stephanie Boren, Ashlee Burton, Shane Corpening, Katlin Despain, Matthew McPhie, Holly Mickelson, Rebecca Nelson, Carrie Ryan, Vivian Sannes, Lacey Shaffer, Kinley Taylor, and Korinne Thoren. Staff members with initial to continuing contracts are CJ Scholl, Brockton Meril, and Jill Strenger. Initial contracts are given for a teacher’s first three years of teaching. Aaron Taylor and Jessica Hostetter submitted resignations, and they were accepted. It is normal for a teacher’s contract to not be renewed, and the budget cuts were not the only factor in deciding which contracts didn’t get renewed.

The board did not discuss which classes would be kept and which would go, but they plan to discuss the programming during the April board meeting on April 18.