Junior, Stormy Cox is one of the many talented artists at Hot Springs County High School.
She uses many mediums in her art, including charcoal, paint, and makeup.  One common trait of all of her art is that it looks realistic. Stormy puts all of her emotions and hard work into her artwork.

“I started making art because I am passionate about it. My favorite piece to create was a Zententacle octopus (pictured above). I am inspired most when I am making something meaningful to someone else,”  said Stormy.

Stormy's makeup design on Tyler Kay.

Stormy’s makeup design on Tyler Kay.

Stormy is also in the drama club. She specializes in makeup design. At state drama, Stormy took second place in fantasy makeup design and second place in realistic makeup design. Pictured on the left, is Tyler Kay, Freshman, as a burn victim.  This is one example of Stormy’s talent as a makeup artist.She is very talented and continues to do what she loves with art and make-up.