In our small town of Thermopolis, there are a lot of hungry people looking for a good place to eat. There are many locally owned restaurants in town such as The Front Porch,  Black Bear Cafe, Las Fuentes, and many others.

One local favorite is The Front Porch. The Front Porch is a sandwich shop in downtown Thermopolis. They serve sandwiches, burgers, homemade chips, and a wide selection of other foods. Some of their most popular dishes include the California Club, the Spicy Italian,  the WYO-Burger, and the Mexi-Burger.

“I like the server and the people that work there and the food is really good also. I would highly recommend” said Cory Sova, Consumer Math teacher. “I love there food and the Front Porch gives you the option to piimg_5821-2ck you type of bread and they have good customer service.”

Another restaurant that is popular amongst students is Maggie’s Burritos. At Maggie’s, every Thursday is Taco Thursday, and the tacos are one of their most popular items.

There are several other choices to get food locally, such as The One Eyed Buffalo, Wonderful House, Trails End, Stone’s Throw, Las Fuentes, VFW, and Fast food. Many of these places are also locally owned and enjoyed by the locals.